Getting Started

Tips for Artspass

On Artspass you can post updates, photos and start discussions.

From the latest news on productions taking place across the county, to details of workshops and opportunities; Start groups for discussion on specific issues; Connect with those you have a desire to start a dialogue with, or those you've got long standing relationships with.

Getting started in the HFC Arts Development Community site Artspass

First of all you need to sign up HERE

Once you have registered, here are a few tips to get you started...

Perfecting your Profile

Your profile is the place people will come to find out more about you so it’s a good idea to have as much information as possible on there. You may well find that your profile comes quite high in search results for your name so it’s not just community members who can use this to find out more about you. Click here to change your Profile Settings. 

Here are our suggestions for optimising your profile:

  • Use your real name. This will help people find you through the search facility.
  • Use the profile questions to tell people what you do, what you want to do, any specialisms, what you’re working on at the moment and anything else that will help them understand you and your work.
  • Include your location so people can see if you’re nearby.

Add a cover photo of one of your shows, start a blog and tell everyone about the next big thing coming up for you, now get to know your neighbours by connecting together.

Add your items by clicking Forum on the index to the left, then selecting the appropriate category (Event, Opportunities, Vacancies) and then clicking the + sign in the right hand corner.

Post your photos! Not everyone can see all the great shows happening across Cornwall, so share with the less fortunate folks images of all your great work! Everyone will envy you forever!

Make sure you read the house rules and abide by them please. We will block naughtiness.

Got a question, or something to report then please contact us.

What's most exciting is what's coming soon... blog pages and events diary... hurrah!