In September 2016, Hall For Cornwall received development funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund to work on a pilot project Revealing City Hall: One Building, 1265 Voices.

Over the years, the building has been many things to many people; Courts of Justice, skating rink, food market, rifle range, jail, theatre and seat of political power. It has survived fire and economic downturn; provided a platform for civic unrest and played host to award-winning shows.

Now we want to hear your stories and memories of the building to help celebrate its very unique 350 year history. Did your grandparents have their first date in the cinema in 1912? Were your relatives active in the fire brigade housed in the building in the 1870's? Or did they witness the clock tower being destroyed by fire in 1914?

Whatever your story or memory - whether historical or present day, funny or sad, personal or public - we’d love to hear it. Come and be part of our unique journey as we look to unveil previously untold stories of the building and shape an exciting new chapter in Hall For Cornwall’s history.

If you have a story or memory to share, email us a summary of your story to or for more information visit


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